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Bigg Cass Wants WWE Universal Title Match at SummerSlam

While addressing WWE Fan France, Big Cass was approached about his gets ready for the current month's SummerSlam occasion and uncovered that he doesn't as of now have any. He would then uncover that he wishes he could be in the WWE Universal Championship Title coordinate on the card.

"I don't have any present gets ready for SummerSlam," said Cass. "Anyone that needs to come venture to me, I'm prepared to confront them at SummerSlam. I'm prepared for anything at SummerSlam, man. Anyone needs to provoke me, on the off chance that anyone gets in my direction right, in the event that anyone ticks me off, those are for the most part conceivable choices for individuals that I need to toss down with at SummerSlam. So at this moment, I don't have a particular design, I'm certain that I'll have a few designs come my way in the few couple of weeks. I'm certain something will happen, somebody, you know, venture to me of the sort."

He proceeded with, "I wish I could be in the Universal Championship coordinate, whatever that might be at SummerSlam. In the event that I can get into that match and endeavor to take the title off The Beast, at that point that is something that I will do and that is something I'm unquestionably unrealistic for yet in the event that that doesn't occur I'm certain something will come to fruition. However, in the event that I had to my eye on a particular prize, something I would truly trust I could do at SummerSlam, that confronts The Beast at SummerSlam in my patio in New York City in Brooklyn, New York."
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