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Brie Bella Does Not Want John Cena To Be Baby Birdie's Uncle

Brie Bella and John Cena are not on great terms.

In the up and coming debut scene of "Add up to Bellas" Season 2, Brie, Nikki Bella, and John Cena will be taking a seat for supper with the twins' family in San Diego. Be that as it may, things will go amiss when Brie goes up against Nikki about her perceptions with respect to the last's life partner.

"I'm very annoyed," Brie tells Nikki in the mystery for the Season 2 debut (through E! News). "All things considered, I simply feel like, with regards to family, John's never in the photo. He is constantly gone."

Nikki can't help contradicting her sister and goes to her man's safeguard. "Gracious my god! That is not valid. My man is a piece of this family and I'm basically similar to his better half," she says.

Brie at that point reminds Nikki that they are not yet hitched, so Cena can't be her little girl Birdie's uncle. "In any case, you're not his better half. Which is another motivation behind why he shouldn't be shu," Brie demands? The expression "shu" implies uncle in Chinese.

Nikki Bella and john cenadecays to contend further and reveals to Brie that on the off chance that she truly does not need her infant young lady to call Cena uncle at that point so be it, just before raging off.

During supper, Brie gets out Cena about his nonattendance and instructs him to work for their endorsement. "Truly he's not an uncle yet to my child," she says. "You need to demonstrate it to the family."

She includes that she is anticipating that they should help as she and her better half, Bryan, likewise helped them amid their surgeries. Cena fires back at Brie and asks her where Bryan is as he is not joining the family supper.

In August, Brie and Nikki discussed the new period of "Add up to Bellas." According to the twins, they are extremely amped up for their show, particularly since they are experiencing their own particular separate lives. Brie, who has for the longest time been itching to end up noticeably a mother, just respected her little girl, Birdie. Then again, Nikki has for a long while been itching to be a lady of the hour, so she is presently preparing for her huge day with Cena.

Nikki conceded that she's awful at arranging. In any case, she as of now has a wedding dress and date. The expert wrestler proposed to Nikki before a large number of fans at WrestleMania. They are wanting to get married in a year.

Nikki is seeking after the third period of "Add up to Bellas" so the system can air her huge day. In any case, regardless of whether their world show will be restored, Nikki and Bella are as of now cheerful about their accomplishments.

Watch Cena and Brie's encounter this evening. "Add up to Bellas" Season 2 debuts on Sept. 6 at 9 p.m. EDT on E!

Nikki and Brie BellaBrie Bella does not need twin sister Nikki Bella's life partner John Cena to be an uncle of her girl, Birdie. Imagined: Brie and Nikki go to the Official Opening Ceremonies of The Best Buddies Challenge at Quail Lodge Golf Club on Sept. 11, 2015, in Carmel, California. Photograph: Getty Images/Mark Davis
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