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The big show must be helped backstage after Braun Strowman tossed him through a steel confine

At the point when wwe raw put Braun Strowman and Big Show in a steel confine coordinate for the headliner of the Sept. 4 Raw, you knew we were getting no less than one vital spot. They needed to top a ring crumbling, arbitrator flinging superplex, all things considered.

We really got no less than two, as Show was propelled by Kairi Sane to break out his one of his finishers from his childhood - as observed at about the 1:15 characteristic of the above video, or in this GIF:

At that point, in the wake of taking a superplex and a running powerslam, The Monster Among Men put the legend "out to pasture" with this (likewise obvious in the best video at ~2:45):

Everything indicated a harsh night for The World's Largest Athlete, who required assistance from three authorities to get to the back in the wake of being sent through the pen by Braun...

There's oath circumventing Show needs a minor surgical methodology, so this could be utilized to cover for a nonappearance. Strowman has a date with Brock Lesnar on Sept. 24 at No Mercy in Los Angeles.
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